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"I have suffered from sciatica for many years, made worse by sitting at a computer and driving for my job. After taking up regular Absolute Pilates sessions with Dawn, in a few weeks the pain was gone and the exercises have made my legs and back so much stronger.

I thoroughly recommend Pilates for any age group and after trying other forms of exercise over the years, I consider this to be far the most beneficial."
Lexi Lacey, Old Harlow
"I started to suffer from back pain nearly 3 years ago – I couldn’t walk very far, sit comfortably or do any form of exercise that I was used to. After seeing my doctor, a chiropractor and having an MRI scan I was told I had damaged disks in my lower back and that as long as I could manage the pain (which I wasn’t), they wouldn’t recommend surgery.

I tried painkillers which made me feel sick, so I decided to try Absolute Pilates to strengthen my core muscles.

I have a 1-2-1 session each week with Dawn and now I can get on with my life without the pain. I would recommend anyone with issues with their posture or back to try Pilates.

It’s not a miracle cure and my back still has damaged discs, but the worst I feel is the odd ache every now and then."

Linda Pyther, Sawbridgeworth
"I suffered a back injury and was advised to take up Pilates. Dawn devised a programme of exercises, on my own and then in a class, to strengthen muscles and improve posture within my capabilities and under careful supervision.

I can honestly say that without Dawn’s expertise, care and knowledge I would not have achieved the progress I have made."
Linda Edwards, Sawbridgeworth
"I met Dawn at the beginning of 2010 and started 1-2-1 classes with her. I was recovering from 3 operations on my spine which had left me with nerve damage in my left leg and foot. I found it difficult to balance and walk.

It is unlikely that my nerves will ever recover but with Dawn’s help and Pilates exercises I now can balance and walk better – even the hospital was surprised at the results we had achieved together!!

I am now attending one of Dawn’s weekly group classes, which I never thought I would be mobile enough to do. I cannot sing her praises highly enough."
Vivienne Giles
"Both of us have been having 1-2-1 instruction with Dawn for over a year now. Prior to this we have been regular gym members for many years and have successfully completed a couple of marathons.

We originally began Pilates as I had an ongoing back problem. From the very first class with Dawn she began correcting my posture. The exercises are gentle and slow, but surprisingly demanding when done correctly.

Over the months as we progressed, we realised how stiff we must have been to begin with. My back pain is also thankfully a thing of the past.

Both of us are far more flexible than we have been in years, no mean feat as we are both in our fifties. We both highly recommend Absolute Pilates, the results we have achieved in 1 hour a week are far better than we achieved in hours at the gym."
Pat and Barry Hunt, Hatfield Heath

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