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Pilates Classes At Your Office:

Each year the amount of sick days in the work place increases and there are more reported cases of depression, anxiety, and obesity.  A recent study has found that companies who invest in employee wellbeing have a 25% less staff turnover, 40% less absence & 50% less accidents & injuries.

When the majority of your working day is spent sitting down there is an increased risk of postural, muscular and stress related problems.  Painful shoulders, headaches, backache, hip, knee pain and stress lead to a lack of concentration, fatigue and in severe cases, depression.

Pilates can definitely help when performed on a weekly basis. Non impact exercises decompress the spine which improves posture, increases muscle tone, strength and body awareness. Improved posture enables you to sit, stand and walk taller which helps to reduce pain in the neck, back and shoulders.  Improved suppleness and joint mobility reduces the risk of injury and increases energy levels which all result in enhanced employee wellbeing. 

How it Works:

Classes are taught at your office to a mixed ability level, so everyone can take part, regardless of experience.

All you need is a space to exercise and a person from your workplace to be the point of contact.

A minimum of 10 sessions are recommended to see a noticeable difference.

A maximum of 15 participants in each class to ensure individual attention.

Participants need to provide their own mat and wear comfortable gym style clothing with socks or bare feet.

Classes can be arranged before, during and after work

“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference.
In 20 you will see the difference,
and in 30 you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body”.
Joseph Pilates

Telephone: 07887 808928

Classes in Cambridge & Sawbridgeworth

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