Absolute Pilates
private sessions
This is for an in-depth session designed specifically to address your own individual needs, for example, resolving back pain, resolving postural problem, strengthening and toning specific muscles, highlighting body awareness and helping with balance, flexibility and core strength is paramount. Private classes are arranged to suit your schedules as much as possible and discounts are available if booked in blocks of 5 or 10.
studio classes
In this class you will be using all of the studio equipment, the Trapeze/Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, Barrels and other Pilates accessories.
There is a maximum of 5 in each class so the exercises will be tailored to suit your individual levels and goals. To join our Studio classes you will need to have either taken machine based classes before or have 2-3 private sessions.
Please see the weekly timetable for a list of Studio Classes available.
Pilates/Floor Barre Fusion
A dancer’s floor barre is nothing new in fact it has been around for decades. Dancers used floor barre as a cross training to keep their bodies long, lean, and strong. Pilates/Floor Barre Fusion is a combination of both a dancer’s floor barre and traditional Pilates mat work resulting in the ultimate workout that will challenge both your mind and body. Please see the weekly timetable for a list of Mat Classes available.
mat classes
We have General classes which are mixed abilities and Intermediate classes both having no more than 8 in each class.
Classes are small enough to adapt to your individual fitness ability. You will increase your core strength, flexibility, balance and your overall body awareness. If you have a specific injury or concern you will benefit by have one or two private sessions before joining a class to ensure a mixed class is suitable for your level of fitness.
Please see the weekly timetable for a list of Mat Classes available.

Telephone: 07887 808928

Classes in Cambridge & Sawbridgeworth

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